Badges Awarded to 2021 UX Interns

Badge Why Awardee
T-professional For breadth spanning from UX all the way to Bioinformatics Chenchen Lu
leadership-award Session 1: For taking the UX pathway from a rocky start due to late dropouts by multiple leads to a super strong team performance. Session 2: For doing an amazing job hitting the ground running Ashley Huang, Chenchen Lu, Justine Chou, Meghna Roy, Shourya Pathak
STEM-orator For very engaging presentation styles Chenchen Lu, Meghna Roy, Steffanie Schron, Trish Nguyen
core-contributor The UX projects could not have happened without you Ashley Huang, Chenchen Lu, Justine Chou, Meghna Roy, Shourya Pathak, Steffanie Schron, Trish Nguyen, Varshini Thangaraj
discussion-booster For generating meaningful discussions during meetings Chenchen Lu, Elton Wong, Justine Chou, Meetakshi Setiya, Steffanie Schron, Trish Nguyen, Swetha Vijayakumar, Wendy Shi
team-player For participants with strong collaboration skills and contributions Elton Wong, Ethan Armbruster, Hanna Girma Gebretsadik, Jasmine Ong, Jessabelle Delen Ines Ramos, Meetakshi Setiya, Nancy Agrawal, Sambhav Jain, Swetha Vijayakumar, Wendy Shi
prototyping-guru For impressive figma skills
blogger Actively writes about their experience, perspective or explains concepts (includes self-assessments)
onboarding-guide For displaying leadership by assisting newcomers Ashley Huang
  • All core-contributors are also assigned the team-player badge
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