Badges Awarded to 2021 Machine Learning Levels 2/3 Interns

Badge Why Awardee
T-professional For learning many practical ML skills and combining that with his prior knowledge of biomedical concepts Quan Nguyen
leadership-award For pulling off complex projects with strong leadership Quan Nguyen, Rachel Harness, Wafaa Mohammed
STEM-orator For multiple engaging presentations Matthew Taruno, Quan Nguyen, Wafaa Mohammed
core-contributor The ML projects could not have happened without you Akansha, Charles Im, Hui Wen Goh, Matthew Taruno, Oumaima Bentakhou, Rachel Harness, Ruijie Ma, Sahil Bolar, Sourav Naskar, Uyen Le, Wafaa Mohammed
discussion-booster For generating meaningful discussions during mentor meetings Charles Im, Hui Wen Goh, Matthew Taruno, Quan Nguyen, Sourav Naskar, Wafaa Mohammed
team-player For participants with strong collaboration skills and contributions Baishali Mondal, Johnlouis Dahhan, Lawrence Nguyen, Nina Gharachorloo, Sunnie Wang, Tanish Kumar, Yumin Guo
explorer For impressive exploratory analysis Akansha, Matthew Taruno, Oumaima Bentakhou, Ruijie Ma, Sourav Naskar, Yumin Guo
research-analyst For seeking out the rest of Dr. Percha’s dissertation/papers and weaving ideas into mentor discussions Akansha, Quan Nguyen
troubleshooter For the work with the Stanford Parser & other troubleshooting that was vital for team progress Oumaima Bentakhou, Ruijie Ma
blogger Actively writes about their experience, perspective or explains concepts (includes self-assessments) Matthew Taruno, Wafaa Mohammed
git-contributor For top git-contributors Akansha, Baishali Mondal, Charles Im, Johnlouis Dahhan, Lawrence Nguyen, Matthew Taruno, Quan Nguyen, Rachel Harness, Sahil Bolar, Sourav Naskar, Sunnie Wang, Uyen Le, Wafaa Mohammed, Yumin Guo
onboarding-guide For displaying leadership by assisting newcomers Lasya Dhulipalla, Priyanka Shah, Quan Nguyen, Rachel Harness, Uyen Le, Wafaa Mohammed
  • All core-contributors are also assigned the team-player badge
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