Badges Awarded to 2021 Hardware Engineering Interns

Badge Why Awardee
leadership-award For the successful pilot run of a new pathway Michael Lippe, Saleema Mohamed
core-contributor The Hardware Engineering projects could not have happened without you Joseph Tai, Michael Lippe, Naveen Tayyebi, Saleema Mohamed, Suchi Patel, Tenzi Zhuoga
discussion-booster For generating meaningful discussions during mentor meetings Michael Lippe, Saleema Mohamed
team-player For interns with strong collaboration skills and contributions Alicia Chi, Andrew Bruns, Maleeha Imran, Sharva Santhakumar, Xinping Zhang, Yan Zhang
blogger Actively writes about their experience, perspective or explains concepts (includes self-assessments) To be added
git-contributor For top git-contributors To be added
onboarding-guide For displaying leadership by assisting newcomers Joseph Tai, Michael Lippe, Saleema Mohamed, Yan Zhang
  • All core-contributors are also assigned the team-player badge