Asana Training 6/16

Thank you so much for attending our Asana training today! The Training Guide and the recording are posted in the Google Folder titled “Asana Training” in the “BI Teams” folder. Hang tight for solutions on how to add yourself to your team in Asana - we’re working on it and will post a reply to this thread when we have figured it out.


We’ve figured out the Asana! To join, click on the link sent in your team’s Slack. For privacy reasons, we are not posting the link here. If you have any problems with Asana respond to this thread, the thread on Slack, or send me or Alex a separate message. We’d love for all of you to do this tonight so we have time to fix any bugs before adding all of our tasks.

Hi @Isha, can you post the links in the private team channels on STEM-Away as well. And in the Asana training folder on the drive.

Yup, I will @ddas!

We have finally figured out the Asana! To join your team’s Asana, click the link sent in an email to your mentorchains account. Reply to this thread if you did not receive the email or have any issues!

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Hi Isha,

Thanks so much for working so hard to get Asana up and running.
I am having trouble finding The Gene Team on the list of teams available on Asana. Do you have any idea why and how I can resolve this issue?

Hi Priscilla! Did you click the link in your mentorchains email? That link should automatically direct you to the Gene Team project. If you did that and it doesn’t work, could you please send me screenshots so I can troubleshoot? Thank you!

Hi Isha,

I was able to resolve the issue. Thank you.
If anyone else has this problem, I ended up creating a new team. After making the new team I was able to access the Gene Team’s Asana page.

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