Are you interested in STEM internships as a way to bridge opportunity gaps? Join our discussion!

STEM Professionals! We’ve built the next-gen STEM platform that leverages internships to bridge opportunity gaps. We are now seeking input from the broader STEM community for our next phase and we would greatly value your input!
Venue: UCSC Extension Building, Santa Clara/ Virtual
Date: 01/28
Time: 6pm
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Topics of discussions: Mentor Chains® Projects/ Open Discussion

Mentor Chains® Projects are online team projects aka virtual internships hosted by STEM-Away®, a career hub for students & junior professionals. Students of varying experience levels collaborate on real life projects, working on all aspects starting from project planning to project closure. We would like to hear your thoughts on:

  • Enhancing soft skills in students & young professionals. The project structure is built as a Mentor Chains with students experiencing both mentor & mentee roles. A core tenet of STEM-Away is that an early start on mentoring & leadership skills is critical to move the needle on diversity in tech leadership.
  • Drawing more underrepresented students into STEM by creating a tiered approach to internships. Spots are reserved in each project for students who wish to participate in a purely mentee role. Students can get over the fear of the unknown by observing the full workings of a project. They can then participate in more advanced roles in future projects.
  • A shift from using academic pedigree as the only effective differentiator for junior talent. Skills acquired in the projects are showcased via the 1click® Resume, the projects provide a new level of transparency into student achievements.