April 7- Happy Hour

Hey guys!
I hope to meet many of you at tomorrow’s happy hour. Currently, the plan is to play a few games of Spyfall and get to interact and know each other!

For the people who haven’t played the game: It’s an online game, I think a max of 10-12 players can be added to each game. And if more people join we can split into multiple games.

The point of the game is to find the “spy”. The spy is one person who is randomly assigned by the game. When the game starts a location card will be displayed on everyone’s screen, everyone will have the same location and the same will not have any location displayed. Then someone asks one question to another person about the location. The question should be vague because the spy is trying to guess the location so they can pretend they know the location. The person who is asked should also give a vague answer, but it should be able to convince people that they are not the spy without revealing the location. This continues for 10 minutes, and then everyone discusses and votes on who the spy is.

Happy hour starts at 12p PDT/3p EDT and this is the link: https://meet.google.com/uao-xrnj-mfy
I’ll see you in the morning,

Thanks Aman for hosting a great Happy Hour!! I look forward to next week :smile: