AI Project Engine Voting and Reward Guide

Dive into Emergent Projects and cast your vote for your favorites. Your insights and votes are pivotal in determining which projects stand out and attain the Curated status. Open to all registered members:

:key: Voting Guide for Projects

To cast your vote for a project, click on the thumbs up icon next to the project to reveal all emoji options:

Emoji Project Category Description
:+1: General Interest Project For projects you find intriguing or relevant to your interests.
:seedling: Foundational Project For foundational projects that are essential to a domain or industry.
:twisted_rightwards_arrows: Transferable Project For projects with concepts or techniques that are applicable across multiple domains.
:chart_with_upwards_trend: Emergent Project For cutting-edge projects that are at the forefront of innovation or emerging trends.
:classical_building: Legacy Project For timeless projects that have consistently been valuable or influential over the years.

Note: If a project seems to resonate with multiple categories, choose the one that feels like the strongest fit. If in doubt, the first category (Thumbs Up) is always a safe bet.

Projects that garner the highest votes will not achieve Curated status

:tada: Reward System

Your insights are invaluable to STEM-Away’s growth and direction. We’ve designed a reward system that acknowledges your active participation and contributions.

:star: Immediate Rewards (Launch Special):

  • Participate in our launch by updating your profile and upvoting skills and projects of interest. Unlock up to 6 months of premium membership based on your engagement.

:high_brightness: Golden Voter Rewards:

  • Every 3 months, we recognize voters whose trends align with our golden set, offering them extended membership benefits and spotlighting their profiles. Continuous contributions can even promote you to the esteemed golden set of voters!

Stay active, share your insights, and earn rewards! Dive deeper into our reward system. Click here to learn more.

By participating, you’re not just voting; you’re endorsing a vision. Your voice matters; let it be heard!