[ACTION REQUIRED] Welcome Team 4!

Hi All:
@KendaFlores @Ritika_Sharma @YC_G @Zihao_Li @Linlin_Li @Junzhen @vantony1 @Brandon_Elvander @earmbruster1

Welcome to UX Team 4! My name is Tuhina and I’m one of the co-leads along with @Sarahrp for this session. I’m a rising senior at GW studying computer science & bioinformatics. We’re so excited to meet you all Monday (and if you haven’t already check out Sarah’s introduction)

To help us figure out a time for meetings please enter your timezone below:

  • UTC Universal Coordinated Time GMT
  • ECT European Central Time GMT+1:00
  • EET Eastern European Time GMT+2:00
  • MET Middle East Time GMT+3:30
  • IST India Standard Time GMT+5:30
  • CTT China Taiwan Time GMT+8:00
  • JST Japan Standard Time GMT+9:00
  • ACT Australia Central Time GMT+9:30
  • AET Australia Eastern Time GMT+10:00
  • MIT Midway Islands Time GMT-11:00
  • HST Hawaii Standard Time GMT-10:00
  • AST Alaska Standard Time GMT-9:00
  • PST Pacific Standard Time GMT-8:00
  • MST Mountain Standard Time GMT-7:00
  • CST Central Standard Time GMT-6:00
  • EST Eastern Standard Time GMT-5:00
  • BET Brazil Eastern Time GMT-3:00
  • CAT Central African Time GMT-1:00

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The poll restricted the number of options so if you don’t see your timezone please reply to this post with it :slight_smile:

Looking forward to meeting you all!

Hi Tuhina, I accidently clicked on GMT+1 but actually it should be GMT+2 for me. Seems like there is no recall, could you please help me change it? Thanks.

Hi Junzhen,
No worries! I don’t think I can manually change it now but I will correct it once the poll closes.
Thanks for letting know & being so prompt!

Hi Tuhina, I am unable to select a timezone. It says I have to be a member of UX-1 to vote in the pole. Would you be able to manually select PST for me? Thank you!

Hi Brandon,
Thanks for letting me know

Hey, I wanted to select IST but the option is now disabled!

Hi @Ritika_Sharma no problem, I will add your timezone to the group.