About sprint trainings/ applications/ self-assessments

It is great to see the activity on the Pathway Hubs! If you have not had the bandwidth to participate as yet, do take advantage of the winter training sprints. This is your chance to learn from the most excellent of mentors!

Thank you Anya, Bijay and Sara for doing such an amazing job! Fiona, Hasin and Pavitra will be joining shortly to kick-off the UX and Cloud Computing hubs. We are still looking for a mentor for the Hardware Hub.

We will begin forming teams in phases starting with you folks (students active on the pathway hubs). Go ahead and fill in the summer 2021 application form if you have not already done so.

Finally, a note about self-assessments. I know it is a new concept for all of you and may seem intimidating and/or unexciting. It is however an important part of the selection process for the internships, the virtual-internships themselves, and your future careers.

And believe it or not, you will start enjoying writing the self-assessments :slight_smile: You are about to embark upon an intense journey, the self-assessments will give you a sense of satisfaction about your achievements and also help you plan ahead.

There is always a delay between the time I wish to write a post and when I actually get to do so. I had wanted to write this note when I saw a couple of good self-assessments - Aryan and Hannah. Three things they got right:

  • There is a personal touch, their self-assessments include a bit of a story.
  • The write-up is concise.
  • Presentation (formatting, arrangement of sections) is very well done.

I have noticed many more good self-assessments since then. And what gives me the greatest pleasure, a huge improvement in the self-assessments of some of our early students. Keep it up!

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