A Welcome Webinar from Stephanie and Katie on June 10

We want to welcome everyone to our program and talk about some specifics on how they are structured, what the learning goals are for leadership and networking and talk a little bit about July.

This webinar is for everyone.

Welcome Session on Leadership and Program Management
Date: 06/10 (Wed) at 4pm Pacific Time
Zoom link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/808650305

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Thanks @Stephanie, tagging team members to the post.

@Tuhina_Dasgupta @Zihao_Li @Linlin_Li @KendaFlores @Ritika_Sharma @earmbruster1 @Brandon_Elvander Just wanted to bring your attention to this if any of you wish to join!


Will you make your teams aware of this meeting. It is just a welcome for all participants and to go over some general STEM-Away goals now that they have seen a bit about what we do.



Could you also add that I will do a separate address on Friday at 10 am PDT to share my vision of the technical deliverable for each pathway and how they intertwine.

Apologies for creating extra scheduling messages. I can’t manage the time as yet and don’t want to hold off the welcome webinar any more.

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Sure @ddas and @Stephanie, will add my team leads for their attention as well…
@Vrinda_Jain, @TamNguyen, @Longfei, @tiatmehta, @pg

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Thank you Stephanie and Debaleena. I will share this in our meeting today with @UX-Team1-June1.

Thanks @Stephanie.
Tagging my team for information. @FS-Team2-June1

Adding my team @ML-Team1-June1

Hey, can we have one more of a meeting like this? I really sorry wasn’t able to attend this one!

I would love to join!