A gentle reminder to all participants and observers (collaboration tools)

One goal (among the many goals) of the virtual-internship training is to get students used to collaboration tools. This will greatly help in your transition from college to career.

I hope all June participants and observers are comfortable with the collaboration tools by now. A few gentle reminders :slight_smile:

STEM-Away accounts reflect your position in the organization. Your position = pathway + role.

  • Please use your mentorchains emails to access Google Meet. If you use your mentorchains email, you are identified as a STEM-Away intern and are automatically added to the meeting. I am going to ask leads to stop accepting meeting join requests.

  • Please use your mentorchains emails to access the Drive. The Drive has been setup to allow access as per your pathway & role. I am going to go through the drive and remove any additional access granted.

Please add a recovery email or phone to your Gsuite accounts

From next week, I will attend to password reset requests every 3 days. Without your email, you will lose access to training resources. So, this is a very hard decision for me. But I will try and stick to it.