2) AI Project Engine - Mini Projects for Individual Learning

Who Benefits from AI Project Engine?

  • Recent Graduates & Career Changers: Dive into mini-projects tailored to your transitioning needs, showcasing your readiness for new STEM roles.
  • Graduate Students: Supplement your academic endeavors with skill-driven mini-projects, enhancing your research with practical applications.
  • Undergraduate Students: Elevate your academic and early career path by engaging in projects that hone essential skills.
  • High School Students: Seize the chance to delve into real-world projects and explore opportunities alongside advanced peers.

Note: Participants in all categories have the opportunity to earn skill certifications and qualify for slots in virtual internship teams, furthering their professional development and showcasing their competencies in STEM fields.

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Our AI Project Generation Engine is adept at handling a variety of fields, with specialized training in areas including:

  • AI & ML (Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning)
  • Bioinformatics
  • Cloud Solutions
  • Full Stack Development
  • User Experience (UX) Research & Design

This engine excels in generating projects within these established domains where we have a team of amazing mentors ready to guide you.

While we enthusiastically embrace top-voted mini-projects in any field, initiating projects in new, unestablished areas may require a brief period for our mentors to prepare and align with the specific needs of these disciplines.


  • Free Tier: Discover mini-projects that resonate with current industry needs. Top voted mini-projects enter the STEM-Away® Solution Pipeline. Forum Access – Emergent Projects.
  • Core Package: Upskill with confidence with our unique AI-enhanced code-along sessions and unlimited skill evaluations. Forum Access – Emergent Projects, Curated Mini-Projects.
  • Premium Package: Additionally, experience tailored project creation with our advanced t3 AI Career Navigator, taking personalization to new heights.

Getting Started

Begin with Emergent Projects accessible through your free account. Anticipate an array of innovative mini-projects arriving in Q1 2024.

For an enriched experience via our t3 AI Career Navigator, consider our Monthly or Yearly Membership. The Core Package is available for free to students and employees of partner organizations, while the Premium Package can be purchased at store.stemaway.com.

Top Voted Mini-Projects evolve within the Solution Pipeline, offering:

  • Interactive Code-Along Sessions
  • Comprehensive Automated Evaluations
  • Collaborative Team Formation
  • Insightful Performance Analytics

Launching in Q1 2024, currently in beta testing.

AI Project Engine Forum Categories

  • Emergent Projects: Explore and influence the evolution of budding projects. Engage, vote, and witness the dynamism of a growing STEM community.
  • Curated Mini-Projects: Top-voted mini-projects are refined by our mentors. These curated mini-projects offer a deeper dive with mentor-led code-alongs and automated skill assessments. They are also instrumental in defining projects and forming teams for our virtual-internships.
  • AI Project Generation: Exclusive to Premium Members, customize your learning experience with projects that meet your exact needs.

Inclusivity by Bridging Individual and Collaborative Learning:

Our AI Project Engine uniquely bridges the gap between individual and collaborative learning experiences. By introducing bite-sized projects, learners can meticulously hone specific skills at their preferred pace. As their confidence surges, they seamlessly transition to team-based projects, mirroring real-world professional collaborations. This adaptive and inclusive approach ensures that STEM opportunities are universally accessible.

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Embark on a seamless journey that starts with understanding skills in SkopeAI, progresses to hands-on projects in the AI Project Engine, and culminates in collaborative team endeavors via Virtual Internships. This comprehensive learning arc will prime you to tackle real-world STEM challenges!

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