07/09: What should I be doing today?

I am assuming that account setup is done for everyone.

VP: All webinar recordings are uploaded to the forum. Self-assessment is open. You should be filling the form as we speak!

EN, UX: All webinar recordings are uploaded to the forum and calendar invite. Self-assessment will open by tomorrow morning. You should finish watching all webinars, finish the assignment (EN) and be ready to fill the form tomorrow.

FS: How are you doing with the Discourse installation part? Sai has offered to hold an hour long session where he will help you with any remaining issues. Please reply to this topic if you are interested.

BI: How are you doing with the R training? Some R exercises for the self-assessment and the initial pipeline will be shared over the weekend.

ML: You can either do a data mining related assignment or a recommender model related one. The learning resources shared will help you with the assignment, watch the STEMCasts and try out the code.


I am interested in the FS session. I managed the installation, but it would be nice to be able to validate the install and ask clarifying questions ahead of the assessment.

Thank you.

Hi Besart,

There is an office hour tomorrow at 7:00 am PDT by Sion and on Sat at 10 am by Vrinda. Can you mange either of these? If Sion or Vrinda signs off on your installation (they can help you validate and fix if needed), you are in!

Details of OH here: Events for students interested in Full Stack

Understood! I intended to attend the one tomorrow, but I saw on this post that we should reply if interested, so I was confused as to whether or not it would be similar in function to OH listed.

Thank you for the clarification!

Great. Hope you are all set after that!

Sai was offering an additional webinar if the current ones do not work for someone’s timezone.

If for any reason, additional office hours are needed, drop a line here. The current FS students have been very generous with their time and have volunteered to help as much as needed!

Hello @ddas,
Are the assignments for ML( Recommender Model) the same as the example provided in STEMCasts or is there any other assignment?

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Hi there, It will be similar. The assignment will not be very complex. Just enough for us to know that you have the required level of motivation for the internship.

Also in the case of ML, you can choose between doing the June project (the only option if you are new to ML) or join the returning June teams in the extension of the June project (if you have some ML experience). The assignment will help you make the right choice and help us verify that you made the right choice.

Hope this helps!

Hi, I still do not see the self-assesment and individual project for the UX pathway in my google drive. Am I looking at the right place? Any help would be helpful! Thanks!

Self-assessment for UX is now open.

Hey @ddas
So I signed up for the ML course but I found the Full Stack course much more interesting. So I want to know that whether I can go for Full Stack course or not and if yes, what all am I required to do my mentorchains account is all setup thanks to your webinar!!

Hi Nitish, you can choose any pathway at this point. Just make sure that you are looking at the learning resources for the pathway you are interested in. Self assessment for FS will be up shortly.

Thanks!! @ddas for the clarification

hi, I dont see any assessments link for ML pathway.

Yes, @bismaakram self assessment for FS, ML and BI have not yet been added. Until then you can check out the resources for the same.