07/07: What should I be doing today?

  • If you haven’t accessed your mentorchains account, that is your top priority. The self-assessment step will require you to enter one answer on the drive.

  • If you have finished that step, start working on learning resources and attending Office Hours to get any help required.

Full details of self-assessment will be uploaded shortly.

If you feel you are ready for the self-assessment step, you can ask for special early access. If you are asking for special early access, your self-assessment will be due within 24 hours of the access.


I have created mentorchains account. I didn’t understand enter one answer on the drive. What does it mean?

Also, what is the due date of self-assessment?

Thank you,

Hi, I have been going through some of the introductory materials recently, and I was wondering, would it be possible to take multiple self-assessments for different pathways? Many of these topics feel very interesting to me and I would like to determine which pathway I should go forward with after determining my readiness from the self-assessments.

Thank you for your help!

Love the enthusiasm :). You are welcome to attend office hours and training for all pathways. But because the assessment dates are a little staggered, you have to make a decision probably by the end of this week depending on which pathways interest you. You are always welcome to come back in the winter session!

“Enter one answer on the drive” refers to the “First Assignment” part of this thread: Mentorchains GSuite accounts have been created (Phase 2)

I got it. Thank you.

Helllo I have been havikng problems with accesing the mentor chains account. Could you please help with this? I had not been sent a password, and am unable to access. @ddas

@Sh Mentorchains GSuite accounts have been created (Phase 2)

@pjimenez : Open gamil.com and enter pjimenez@mentorchains.com. Sending you the password via DM.